Sunday's A Coming-Jan 16 2014

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever wondered what God was up to in your life?  I often do.  As a matter of fact,   I’m wondering what the Lord is up to in my life right now.   A short while ago I received an invitation from Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, to join the Canadian delegation for his first ever official visit to Israel, Jorden and the West Bank.   This visit takes place from January 19-22.   The invite was such a surprise that I was confident it was spam and actually ignored it for several days.    After confirming that the invite was legitimate, I chose to decline the incredible offer as I felt that I would have little of value to offer.   After the due date for responding had passed, I told Sue about the invite.   Sue had a lot of suggestions such as the notion that I could consider myself to be Jonah and she is my whale.   Within a very short time Sue reminded me my calling and that it is never an option to say no to God regardless of how unlandish His calling or invite appears to be.  I am thrilled to tell you that on Friday I leave for Israel as part of the Canadian delegation.  I can’t believe it.

Prime Minister Harper has this to say about the upcoming trip,   “I look forward to visiting the Middle East to explore ways of strengthening peace and security, stimulating sustainable economic growth, and promoting essential Canadian values, such as tolerance and human rights, across the region.” said the Prime Minister.

A website has been set up where you can get regular updates from the Prime Minister’s visit



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As you can imagine I have been very busy the past few days trying to learn more about the dynamics involved with this trip as well as setting up some additional contacts with Christian leaders in Jerusalem.    I truly covet your prayers for the next week or so.  

I thank TBCO for the opportunity to say yes and participate on such short notice.

God loves you and so do I.



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