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Our HR Deacon, Karen, and the Board of Elders would like to encourage all of us to pray for and salute our pastoral staff, Matt and Keith, during the month of October, it being Pastor Appreciation month.  How? 

Messages and/or cards of appreciation: Emails can be addressed to Matt (matt@trinitybiblechurch.ca) or Keith (keithmonica@rogers.com). Alternatively, cards may be dropped off at the office, or brought to a service in October (look for the drop box).


Prayer list for the month: Sign up for a day in October to pray and/or fast for Matt and the pastoral staff. Email Karen Fishwick (karenjfishwick@gmail.com) or the church office (office@trinitybiblechurch.ca) to pick a date.  The goal is to have prayer coverage for every day in October.

Daily group prayer time:  Join with others for a short 20-30 minute drop-in prayer time every morning at 7:00 am in October on Zoom to pray for Matt, Keith and our new Associate Pastor, Caleb. The Zoom call will be hosted by Karen.  No commitment is needed; anyone who feels led can join Karen in prayer.  Participants can join by computer using this link.