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This year, our annual Bethlehem Live will be held the evenings of November 27 and 28.  The journey to and through "the small town of Bethlehem" will be different this year.  It will not be necessary to trek through the cold on foot and risk being imprisoned by Roman soldiers or robbed by street urchins.  Instead, you will make your way in the safety and comfort of your vehicle. Even as a drive-through visit, however, everyone from the House of David will still be expected to register for the Census and settle up with Caesar Augustus' tax collector before seeking lodging for the night. 

The story is a familiar one.  King Herod’s luxurious palace will give way to the fire-lit camps of wisemen drawn to the city by an encouraging star. Shepherds will be watching over their flocks;  choirs of angels will praise God.  You will be enticed to spend your coin in the marketplace instead of paying your taxes.  You may have trouble finding lodging, with so many visitors to the town.  And then, behold!  In a stable you will find Him.  A newborn with two loving parents watching over Him.


The drive-through will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete.  It is free, but an Eventbrite ticket setting out date and time will be required for each vehicle passing through for traffic control and tracing reasons.  To order yours, please visit

The Bethlehem Live team thanks everyone that has stepped forward to help make this event possible.  All but a few positions have been filled.  If you have not yet signed up and would like to participate, please contact Greg.


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Let's be in prayer for the Lord to use these evenings to impact everyone who comes.