Bethlehem Live


Caesar Augustus is Pleased.

More than 750 people registered for the census.  

All due taxes were collected.  



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Take a journey to Bethlehem as we recreate the biblical world of Jesus’ birth. 

Everyone is welcome to gather and join the throngs of people travelling to Bethlehem to be counted in the census. Despite a dangerous road fraught with beggars, bandits and the occasional Roman guard, travellers will get a chance to witness glorious and sometimes miraculous things on their trip to the ancient town. 

King Herod’s luxurious palace will give way to the fire-lit camps of wise men drawn to the city by an encouraging star. Herds of live animals and groups of shepherds looking for lost sheep will lead you to choirs of angels singing in the forest.  Fight your way through a very real marketplace and pay your taxes before trying unsuccessfully to find lodgings in the overflowing city. Watch out for beggars and thieves!  Chances are the innkeeper will tell you to sleep in the stables. 

And there you’ll find him: a very real baby lying in a manger, with two loving parents watching over him.  Before departing, stop and enjoy some refreshments and a moment of reflection on the meaning of Christmas.

This elaborate theatrical tour takes about 40 minutes to complete, and ranges from the woods around the church to the sanctuary-turned-marketplace inside.  Because it is an inside and outside event, plan to dress warmly.  


Because of the onerous burden put on travellers to journey to the town of Bethlehem for the census-taking, there is no charge for the visit. 

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