Genesis and Creation 

Study Beginning March 29

Sunday Nights in Osgoode 7:00 - 9:00 pm


The book of Genesis provides the foundation for the majority of our Christian doctrines. Yet doubts about Genesis are rampant in our culture, thanks to the inroads made by centuries of skeptical attacks on the Bible. Prominent voices insist that evolution and its timeframe of millions of years are scientific facts, and that Christians must therefore abandon traditional beliefs, such as God as Creator, humanity made in God's image, a worldwide Flood, a historical Fall - and thus even the Gospel message itself.


But there is good news! We live at a time when Christians have more scientific and historical evidence to support the Bible's account of origins than ever before.  This study, based on "The Genesis Academy" will:  


  • Show the theological importance of taking God as His Word.

  • Demonstrate the fallacies of evolution and its associated millions of years.

  • Highlight the incredible amount of evidence that supports Biblical history.

  • Not only give believers greater confidence, but equip them with skills to defend their faith against the most common arguments today.

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Join Dale and Diane Kuran at their home for this powerful 12-week study.  For more information contact