“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Col.1:17


We have been on quite the journey these past few months but are so thankful for the way God has blessed our church. We are prayerfully anticipating what God is going to do with the rest of 2020 right here in our church community.


The leadership at TBCO is excited to share a “Forward Together - Families Together” return-to-church plan for 2020. We hope this provides multiple safe ways for everyone in our church family and beyond to grow together in Christ this fall. Please continue to pray as we work out details and for “spiritual wisdom and insight so that you might grow in your knowledge of God” (Eph.1:17). No matter what happens with COVID, we want to keep moving forward in the gospel, together in Christ.











Sunday Church Services

From September 13th - October 4th at 10:00 am: 

  • Outdoor Services On the grass: Bring lawn chairs for your safely distanced family group -    Masks optional

  • Drive-in: Listening to the service from the parking lot will also be an option

  • (Sermon, worship & kids videos will still be available on the website) 

From October 11th - December 27th at 10:00 am: 

  • Indoor Services inside the church: Spaced seating with safety protocols -    Masks required in church

  • Drive-in audio available

  • All links still available on website



Families will be together in the service in a relaxed atmosphere with kids involved throughout. The message will build off of the kid’s theme.

There is the potential for live worship (but still no congregational singing).

Registration will be simplified. 

For those not attending in person, an informal Zoom meeting takes place starting at 9 am and finishing at 10 am each Sunday.  To join, contact Keith at  

The services will be shortened to be supportive of families with young children.  



Small Groups

A recent survey suggests that 60 per cent of our adult congregation are involved in a small group.  By 2021, we want to improve that number to 80% by giving everyone an opportunity to be in one.  Small groups are the best way to grow in Christ with others. 



We are providing lots of options to join.  A small group will be available every day or evening from Monday to Saturday. Some groups will be in-person but most are on Zoom.

Zoom groups will be easy to join with a simple sign-up. Visit our Small Groups page for more detail.  



Kids and Youth


With about 40% of our congregation under the age of 18, we want to provide a weekly touchpoint for them to grow in their faith. Parents have the greatest role in training their kids but we want to help!



Both Junior High (Gr.6-8) and Senior High (Gr.9-12) youth have started weekly meetings on Tuesdays. Regular Zoom meetings plus some in-person, safe, fun activities.  For details contact youth leaders, Melanie or Rob.  

Kids will have access to a new weekly Thursday night kids meeting over Zoom starting in October. Kids can drop-in at 6:30 pm for a short Bible lesson and informal hang out.

 Care Projects


In November, Operation Christmas Child was Care Project under our "Forward Together" plan. We thank everyone who donated. 1,098 shoeboxes were packed for shipment  - 777 of which came from Val and Hugh Saunderson and approximately 145 from our congregation, including 31 from our Junior High Youth!  All of the precious children - our 1,098 and more - who are every bit as anxious as our own children about COVID and the future, will receive love in the form of a shoebox and an invitation to hear the hope of Jesus Christ!! Although the number of physical shoeboxes is down a bit countrywide this year, the number of virtually donated shoeboxes is up! This is quite an accomplishment given the unique year in which we find ourselves.


In December, we are promoting our annual In His Care campaign! Our ministry leader has been busy all year acquiring warm winter clothing for distribution to our city’s homeless when the weather turns cold.  The items include toques, gloves, long johns, underwear, and thermal socks.  Some extreme weather clothing is also acquired for those who do not seek shelter, even on the coldest nights.  Our annual fundraising drive is aimed at recouping the cost of these important gifts to our most vulnerable.  











Connection Team

We want to have a team of volunteers from all parts of the congregation reaching out to individuals not currently involved in a small group. The volunteers will have a list of contacts to stay in touch with and relate any needs back to the church. Interested in being part of this team? Please email

 Outreach and Missions

We are called to “go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark. 16:15). We are continuing to support our global ministry partners and look for local outreach opportunities.  We are looking forward to getting updates from our missionary partners to see how COVID is impacting their ministries and how we can help support them. Hopefully videos can be sent that we can watch during indoor services.

We recently celebrated a successful outreach VBS in July and are planning additional opportunities to bring God's love to our community. 



No matter what situation we are in, prayer keeps us connected to God and to each other. We want to have a place for prayer requests and to focus on prayer.  We will have a Google Chat room set up as a place to post prayer requests and have them prayed for. Watch for the link online.

Our small group focused on prayer is contnuing every Monday night  at 7:00 pm.  Click this link for more information.  


We have created an interactive prayer opportunity here at the church. A Trinity Prayer Trail follows the traditional route of our Bethlehem Live outreach. Along the path, you will come across different “prayer stations” with instructions and guidance for how to pray. This is available for young and old alike to participate in. Drop by whenever you like, during the week, or on the weekend, at whatever time is convenient for you. Come by yourself for some intentional solitude and prayer, or bring your kids and pray as a family (some stations are quite interactive!).


Your help is needed to make this return a success.  There are opportunities for:  



Safety monitoring

Youth leaders

Connection leaders

Sound and video

Website production

more ...


Please contact to sign up or inquire further.

The Plan

The Board of Elders would be pleased to provide a copy of the detailed plan.  To obtain yours, please contact the office.  

Talking on phones