About Us



God is the Creator and Designer of the Universe who exists eternally as one God in three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


The church is universally filled with imperfect people who have been welcomed into the Family of God through salvation with the goal of pointing the world to Him in word and deed and through the Great Commission.


Jesus, who is God, became human and died on the Cross for the sins of the world. Through Him there is salvation to all who call upon the Lord. Our salvation is by grace through faith in our Saviour.

THE bible

The Bible is the Word of God and has been inspired by Him. As originally provided, it is without error and presents God's authority to the world as we understand the Story of Redemption with Jesus as the supreme focus.


Human beings are created in the image of God and are fearfully and wonderfully made. Due to the Fall of humanity into sin, we are spiritually dead and in need of the Gospel message of Jesus for salvation.


God created angels for His glory and service as they proclaim the truth of who He is throughout all Creation. Although Satan and his angels rebelled against God, they will be ultimately defeated by Jesus as he claims victory.

END Times

​In God's timing, Jesus will return bodily and in glory as God establishes His Kingdom over all of creation and brings about the new heaven and the new earth