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From Pastor Matt

When we moved to Ontario last year, one of the things we found out about the house we bought was that the previous homeowners were avid gardeners. Neither Rachel nor I are particularly gifted green thumbs, but we tried to keep the lovely plants around our home alive through the summer. Our joke was that it would at least look good for the first year!

These past few weeks have brought out several new blooms: tulips, daffodils, bleeding hearts, and other pretty flowers that I’m not versed enough to remember the names. Our rose bushes and tiger lilies are coming up, and this week, our two apple blossoms have given us vibrant white and pink, as well as a lovely fragrance as you pass by. In the wooded area of our backyard, we have several trilliums, both red and white, and I observed the two tallest white trilliums are right beside the place where I’d buried our cat who passed away in the fall.
All of these serve as wonderful reminders of the faithfulness of God. Though we are limited in our knowledge of gardening and don’t give the appropriate time it requires, we are still blessed by a lovely display of colour and aroma on our property. God works through our limitations and times when we are selfish and lacking in devotion, and still faithfully moves onward to complete the good work He has started in those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. 
One of the things we lamented in leaving our home in Nova Scotia was the lovely apple blossom tree on our front lawn. Unbeknownst to us when we moved, our new home has not one, but two! We sometimes grieve things that we have to let go of or say goodbye to, and yet God reminds us that He still meets our needs and provides for us, blessing us in unexpected ways.
This is a season where it would be easy for our church to shrink back in discouragement, to feel bound by our limitations. It could be easy to drift and not stay connected with one another. Yet God is proving that as we trust Him, He continues to faithfully work! In the past few months, we have had many new people join small groups. All of our groups have moved to an online format to keep the ongoing connection. Just last week, one of the men in our church saw a friend come to know Christ. God is still drawing people to Himself, even at a time where we can’t all be together! There is such power and truth to God’s assertion, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5). May you be reminded of the newness and the faithfulness of God as you walk through this week.


Services and Activities

In view of the most recent public health and federal and provincial government announcements, church leadership has suspended all TBCO services and scheduled on-site activities until advised otherwise by government authorities.  We are attempting to put to use every resource at hand to ensure that our church activities are not cancelled, but merely adjusted. Below are some of the alternatives.  We ask for your patience as we offer and refine these new approaches to maintaining and supporting church life. 

Library Take-Out

Tired of Netflix?  Kids getting bored?  Our librarian, Charlene, is generously offering to provide a mobile library service.  If there is a book or DVD carried in our library that you would be interested in, she will take your order, disinfect the covers and drop them off at your house at a time convenient to both. 


For a list of available DVDs, use this link.  For books, use this link.  Charlene can be contacted at

Outreach:  How We Can Help

Let's pray: 

  • For family, friends and neighbours to draw closer to God

  • For the virus spread to slow

  • For those who are suffering with COVID-19 

  • For frontline workers

  • For our municipal, provincial, and national leaders

Let's serve:  

  • Pick up garbage in our community while walking

  • Help maintain church trails while hiking

  • Post this poster to a community location
  • Consider the needs of the local food bank or children living in poverty needing educational support

  • Sew isolation gowns for Respond Ottawa.  

  • Consider donating blood:

  • Share link via your social media feed

  • Invite others who feel cramped to visit outdoor church property (using physical distancing protocols) 

  • Call or facebook grandchildren; read them a bedtime story

Let's Encourage the Kids too:

In Place of Sunday Service Personal Prayer Time 

At the close of each Sunday's worship service it is our practice to encourage anyone needing or wanting prayer, to join a prayer team at the front of the sanctuary.  In recognition of the importance of prayer to spiritual health and well-being, if you would like prayer, please call the office at

613-826-2444 or email your request for prayer, whether it relates to current issues or any other personal matter.  You will be connected with one of the prayer team members. 

In Place of Our Stones Moments

An important component of our Sunday service is our Stones Moment.  This time is set aside to provide us with an opportunity to share how God is working in our lives, how we are seeing God working around us and how we are sharing the Good News.  


Why not take a moment to write down and forward to the office some of the encouraging moments you have witnessed.  They might be shared in upcoming church communications. 

In Place of Sunday Fellowship

Our Sunday fellowship time after the service provides us with a time to share and connect.  Maybe with the need to "social distance" you might start feeling a bit lonely or maybe you are in self-isolation or quarantine and would welcome  a friendly voice.  


If so, simply call the office and let us know.  We will put you in touch with other members of our church family who would welcome the opportunity to listen and talk.    

Sr. Youth Group Connections

Senior Youth are meeting via ZOOM every Tuesday night at 7:30.


Anyone interested and not already connected may contact Myra at and she will send an invitation to the meeting. 

Jr. Youth Group Challenge

Junior Youth are meeting via ZOOM every Tuesday night at 7:00. All youth are welcome! 


They are also engaged in a Spring Challenge Raffle! Once they are able to physically reunite, three prizes will be drawn and awarded to those who have participated in challenge activities. Some of the components:  

  • learning and sharing bible verses

  • Creating a card or picture or poster with words of encouragement for a front-line worker, first responder, family member, neighbour or a dear senior 

  • Sending an email to our Group's Sponsor Child 

  • Clean out one shelf or one drawer in their bedroom 

  • Doing one push up and one sit up today ..... add one more each day!

  • Showing the LOVE!  by asking a parent / caregiver if there is one thing that can be done for them today

  • Practicing hand washing. 

For more information about the Zoom meetings and Challenge and how to join in, contact Junior Youth leader, Melanie at  

Meeting in Small Groups

Visit our Small Groups page!

Kid's Church

For videos and teachings for childen and youth, visit our Home page.  

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