At This Time ... 

From Pastor Matt

This particular week, under normal circumstances, reminds us of the wonder of fireworks. While many Canada Day celebrations across the country were cancelled or scaled back this year, our neighbours to the south will (depending on the state) hold their regular celebrations, complete with massive displays. I have spent the Fourth of July in the US on a few occasions, and let me tell you, our American friends love their fireworks! Here in Ottawa, we tend to go all out with our Canada Day fireworks shows, but a number of smaller towns and cities in the U.S. could match our efforts. 
When you think about fireworks, most people tend to be captivated by them when they sit still to watch (really the only ones I think who generally don’t care for them are newborn babies, and dogs). There is a magnificence about them, this combination of power and beauty. We respond with our “oohs” and “ahhs” when we see their colours and lights bursting above us in the night sky. There is that mixture of awe and maybe even a bit of fear, when we see that really big explosion, coupled with the resounding boom that we feel in our gut. We are drawn to specific styles or sounds. And for a few precious moments, we are quietly focused on one thing.
I think about fireworks, and I think about our lives. James, drawing from the book of Ecclesiastes, says, “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” (James 4:14) In light of eternity our lives are so fleeting, and yet, God has designed us in such a way, that as we walk with Him and discover the full potential He has placed within us, we can have a considerable impact on the world around us. Filled and led by the Holy Spirit, we can bring light and colour and vibrancy. We can reflect the beauty of a God who loves His creation. We can have a boom that echoes beyond the pages chronicling our life’s chapter. 
Some fireworks are complete duds. They fizzle out before doing what they were designed to do. I’m no rocket scientist (that one actually applies here!), so I can’t explain the reasoning behind that. And sometimes our lives go askew, our plans go awry. The life that is lived in surrender and obedience to Christ is the life that will have maximum impact. Jesus doesn’t expect perfection, but He does look for faithfulness: “The one who endures to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 24:13)
 As we’re now into July and into more of that summer mode, I pray that we would remain steadfast in our commitment to Christ, individually, and together as a church family. Be intentional to spend time with the Lord, getting to know Him. Be intentional to maintain connection with one another. Let’s cheer each other on, as we continue to shoot upward for that resounding boom!

Services and Activities

Sunday Church Service

Our Board of Elders has worked hard to have the church premises safe and secure and ready for on-site Sunday services.  This invitation to worship is an option for those comfortable returning at this time.  The online services currently offered every Sunday will continue.  Sunday is a little different than we are used to because mandated health and safety measures remain.  Some of those differences:  


  • Family units are required to register prior to any Sunday they wish to attend by noon on the Friday prior to the service.  The form is easy to complete and submit and is available by link .  

  • All staff, volunteers and attendees must wear a face mask (disposable masks will be available for  those who may not have one).

  • Everyone attending on arrival and departure is asked to practice social distancing.  Volunteers and signage will be used to help everyone remain safe.

  • Certain areas of the church will not be accessible and will be marked with signage.  Volunteers will also be available to provide guidance. 

  • We will be reflecting rather than singing during worship time.

  • This will be a family service with children and youth remaining with their families.   

No other on-site church activities are planned at this time. 

We are working to ensure that even if adjusted somewhat, most of the usual components of our Sunday services are being offered - worship, children's time (in place with their families), prayer, and, of course, the message.  We are happy to be able to interact in person - even if at a distance - and while this new worship experience may be atypical, we hope it will be impactful and honouring of God.

Library Take-Out

Tired of Netflix?  Kids getting bored?  Our librarian, Charlene, is generously offering to provide a mobile library service.  If there is a book or DVD carried in our library that you would be interested in, she will take your order, disinfect the covers and drop them off at your house at a time convenient to both. 


For a list of available DVDs, use this link.  For books, use this link.  Charlene can be contacted at

Outreach:  How We Can Help

Let's pray: 

  • For family, friends and neighbours to draw closer to God

  • For the virus spread to slow

  • For those who are suffering with COVID-19 

  • For frontline workers

  • For our municipal, provincial, and national leaders

Let's serve:  

  • Pick up garbage in our community while walking

  • Help maintain church trails while hiking

  • Post this poster to a community location
  • Consider the needs of the local food bank or children living in poverty needing educational support

  • Sew isolation gowns for Respond Ottawa.  

  • Consider donating blood:

  • Share link via your social media feed

  • Invite others who feel cramped to visit outdoor church property (using physical distancing protocols) 

  • Call or facebook grandchildren; read them a bedtime story

Let's Encourage the Kids too:

In Place of Sunday Service Personal Prayer Time 

At the close of each Sunday's worship service it is our practice to encourage anyone needing or wanting prayer, to join a prayer team at the front of the sanctuary.  In recognition of the importance of prayer to spiritual health and well-being, if you would like prayer, please call the office at

613-826-2444 or email your request for prayer, whether it relates to current issues or any other personal matter.  You will be connected with one of the prayer team members. 

In Place of Our Stones Moments

An important component of our Sunday service is our Stones Moment.  This time is set aside to provide us with an opportunity to share how God is working in our lives, how we are seeing God working around us and how we are sharing the Good News.  


Why not take a moment to write down and forward to the office some of the encouraging moments you have witnessed.  They might be shared in upcoming church communications. 

In Place of Sunday Fellowship

Our Sunday fellowship time after the service provides us with a time to share and connect.  Maybe with the need to "social distance" you might start feeling a bit lonely or maybe you are in self-isolation or quarantine and would welcome  a friendly voice.  


If so, simply call the office and let us know.  We will put you in touch with other members of our church family who would welcome the opportunity to listen and talk.    

Meeting in Small Groups

Visit our Small Groups page!

Kid's Church

For videos and teachings for childen and youth, visit our Home page.  

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July-August:  Tuesday through Thursday

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