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Join us for our online Sunday service!

This week we are continuing our use of the Online.Church platform to livestream the service! To join at 10:00 A.M., please go to; you will then see a pop-up menu on the screen with an optional blue "Sign-Up" button to make a free account. This will allow you to engage in more ways than just watching the service​. See you there!

If Online.Church is experiencing technical difficulties, try our youtube account: 

TBCO Youtube 

The worship lyrics for Sunday, May 16th, can be found here: 

Amazing Grace

(My Chains Are Gone)

Everlasting God

Let Them Hear

The Message

Here, you can watch last week's recorded livestream of our Compassion Sunday service. 


Pastor Matt has provided us with some questions to encourage discussion either in the family setting after the service or with others in a small group.  

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