This is Pastor Titus, his wife Happiness, and 3 children.

Trinity has had a long association with Pastor Titus and is presently helping to support him as a pastor by our monthly giving and by prayer. 

Pastor Titus' village, Mwalwigi, Tanzania, is an extremely poor one. Titus has formed a good sized church already. he is a great Evangelist and has a real heart for the people of the village. In this picture, he and another are baptizing 86 people in a croc-infested pond. Beaters are outside the view, keeping crocs away!

The present fundraising effort is to drill and build a well in the village. Today, the people walk more than 5 kilometers to reach a muddy pond for water (pictured on the right), or go to this precarious looking water source (pictured below) which is closer.


A hydrological survey has been completed, showing a 90% certainty of finding water at a spot in the village. Land has been purchased at that spot, enough for a well and one day for a much needed church building (as there is presently no building). The cost estimate is $15,000. Along with TBCO, there are two other groups fundraising for this project: You Feed Them, which started at TBCO, and Partners in Hope (Tanzania), of which TBCO's Mike Hayes is a director. 

To give financially to this project, click on the button below. Please indicate your donation is for the 'Well'. 

A well will mean better health and much reduced labor for the village people, and one day possibly, needed irrigation for their crops (when a pump can be afforded). 

Our prayers are also needed for this village with many challenges, but a growing faith in Jesus Christ. 

If you have any questions, you can contact: 

Mike Hayes, 613-864-1327

You Feed Them office, 613-979-8937 (Theresa Poirier)

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