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The Monday Prayer group will pray together online or by phone at 7 pm. Anyone who would like to join this prayer time is asked to contact Keith at discipleship@trinitybiblechurch.ca.  





We believe it is critical that we bring everything we do to God; Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit for Him to produce the fruit of conversion, growth, ministry, and witness in all who attend our ministries and events to the glory of God. Jesus said, "Whoever remains in me, and I in him, will bear much fruit, for you can do nothing without me." John 15:5


On Monday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 pm the church is open so that anyone who wishes may come together for a time to pray for the ministries of our church, the needs of individuals, our community, world events and leaders and possibly to seek prayer for a personal situation or circumstance.  


Why pray together? 

•    These are times to experience impactful intervention when seeking prayer
•    These are times to grow more meaningful relationships with each other and with Jesus
•    These are times to learn how to better pray and more powerfully glorify God
•    These are times to appreciate and celebrate answers to prayer

We also provide a weekly Call to Prayer so that anyone who wishes may pray independently, yet as one within a group, for great works in and through our church. 

For more information about our Monday night prayer meetings or the Call to Prayer, contact Keith at discipleship@trinitybiblechurch.ca.

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