Why not explore our interactive Trinity Prayer Trail?  It follows the traditional route of our Bethlehem Live journey. Along the path, you will come across eight different “prayer stations” with instructions and guidance for how to pray. This is available for young and old alike.


Drop by whenever you like, during the week, or on the weekend, at whatever time is convenient for you. Come by yourself for some intentional solitude and prayer, or bring your kids and pray as a family (some stations are quite interactive!).



Some of the prayer suggestions you will encounter on the trail:  

  • Pray silently for a moment, confessing any struggles or sin, and ask God to forgive and help you.

  • Pray through the alphabet, thanking God for His attributes (i.e. “Lord, You are Awesome...You are Beautiful...Thank You for the Cross…”)

  • Take a moment to think about how big the world is, and how much bigger GOD is! 

  • Look up at the windows to our children’s and youth ministry rooms. Pray for our church’s families to continue to grow in their faith.

  • Pray for our schools and teachers​.

In this new fall season, we need to be in prayer. The Trinity Prayer Trail has been created for that very purpose!