We offer the following courses and small groups from time to time to help people experience the spiritual continuum phases in their journey toward and with Christ Jesus: Individuals or other churches may borrow any of the following by contacting Keith at

Explore Christ 


  • Alpha :This ten-week course is offered a couple of times a year for individuals who would like to explore the basics of Christianity or to renew their faith.


  • Life’s Healing Choices : This eight-week course helps individuals to discover the power of Christ for the healing of hurts, habits, and hang-ups. * Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage This DVD teaching captures the fun and facts of life and love in marriage in a very humorous way. It is an 13-week DVD course.


  • Beginning in Christ Together :This course is an exploration of who Jesus is. A six-week DVD led small group experience.

Close to Christ


  • 40 Days of Community: which involves small groups demonstrates love to the community outside the church in a practical way as well as learning to live by the 40 “one anothers” of scripture.

  • SHAPE: This is a six-week sermon-aligned small group course that will help you discover your shape for ministry by exploring your spiritual gifts, passion, abilities, personality, and experiences.


  • Discover Joy Through Serving Others: This is a four-week DVD teaching by Bill Hybels for small groups. This group study and sharing will help you explore – in depth – current patterns for living beyond yourself. * Becoming A Contagious Christian This six-week DVD-led small group experience is provided by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg of Willowcreek. It will help you to identify and develop your unique style of sharing the good news of Christ Jesus.


  • Experiencing Christ through Sharing Christ: a six-week DVD-led course on sharing Christ with others.


  • Sharing Your Life Mission Every Day: a six-week DVD-led course on sharing Christ with others.


  • Dethroning Idols of Busyness: Success, Approval, Security, and Ministry an interactive course using DVD teaching by John Ortberg.


  • Faith Paths, Helping Friends Find Their Way to Christ: an eight-week DVD teaching by Mark Mittelberg. This course teaches how to understand people who approach life differently from you so you can help them to come to Christ.


  • Truth Unlocked, Keys to Reaching Muslim Neighbors: a six session which explores the differences between the Muslim and the Christian understanding of God and how to introduce Muslims to the unique love and salvation of God that comes through Jesus.


  • Culture Shock (Responding to Today's Controversial Issues): This is a small group six-week DVD series by Chip Ingram




  • Resource for Mentoring "Multiply (Disciples Making Disciples) by Francis Chan. This book resource and on line teaching is a great resource to help individuals to encourage another person on their journey of life with Christ


  • Training on How to Host and Lead A Small Group "Hosting Lifetogether" by Brett Eastman on DVD plus a workbook.


  • DVD Small Group Leader Training on The Essentials by Steve Gladden.


  • Coaching Lifetogether training on creating healthy Small Group leaders.


  • Training on "Don't Lead Alone" This training equips different group members to give leadership in one of the five purposes of God for individuals and for the church.


  • CD-Rom on 40 Days Campaign Coaching for 40 Days of Purpose and 40 Days of Community. This resource guides organizers in a 10-week countdown.


  • The Leadership Summit: Individual DVD talks are available to borrow from our church library.


  • The Twelve Conference implementing the 5 purposes of God for individuals. (40 hours of training on a variety of sub-topics.)

Growing in Christ


  •  Life’s Healing Choices : help people to grow in their obedience to Christ.


  •  Faith at Home : When families talk about their Christian faith, good things happen. Sunday school lessons become life lessons, lived out all week long. "The Orange" Sunday school curriculum gets parents and children on the same page as they study the Bible lessons at home that the children are taught each Sunday at church. This resource equips parents to help their children at home to apply the lessons received on Sunday to their lives during the week in an interesting and fun way.


  • Beta A Life Worth Living :This nine-week small group course helps a person to grow in his or her relationship with God through Jesus.


  • 40 Days of Purpose : helps you to discover God’s general plan for you in this life. Knowing God’s purpose for creating you will help you to focus your energy, simplify your decisions, give meaning to your life, and most important, prepare you for eternity.


  • Connecting in Christ Together : This six-week course in a small group will show you Jesus’ way of loving one another as He has loved us.


  • Growing in Christ Together: This six-week course in a small group will show you the value and the nature of a life of discipleship as modeled by Jesus.


  • Surrendering to Christ Together: In this six-week small group course you will learn the power of being surrendered to God through the teachings and example of Jesus.


  • Experiencing Christ through Fellowship: a six-week DVD-led course loving one another as Christ has loved us.


  • Experiencing Christ through Discipleship: a six-week DVD-led course on learning to obey Christ and become for like him in character.


  • Experiencing Christ through Serving: Like Christ a six-week DVD-led course on ministering to others.


  • Experiencing Christ through Surrendering to Christ: a six-week DVD-led course on how to daily live in step with Christ.


  • Living a Blessed Life: a six-week DVD-led course on Jesus teaching in Matthew 5:1-16 fromThe Sermon on the Mount.


  • Living Beyond Yourself: a six-week DVD-led course on Jesus teaching in Matthew 5:17-48 from The Sermon on the Mount.


  • Living in Pursuit of God: a six-week DVD-led course on Jesus teaching in Matthew 6:1-24 from The Sermon on the Mount.


  • The Jesus Lifestyle: by Nicky Gumbel on the Sermon on the Mount.


  • The Unshakable Truth: a 12-week DVD based course by Josh and Sean McDowell which covers what and why we believe and how it is relevant to our lives and our families.


  • The Truth Project: is a twelve-week DVD-based small group study designed to equip believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview.


  • The Story: is a DVD curriculum for small groups. Randy Frazee presents 31 ten-minute teachings on how the story of Scripture throughout the whole Bible intersects with the story of our lives.


  • Making the Connection through Prayer: This ten-week course will teach you how to pray using biblically-based principles.


  • Experiencing God: revised and expanded course This is a 12-week DVD plus Workbook course of knowing and doing the will of God which has been written and spoken by Henry & Richard Blackaby & Claude King. * Financial Peace University Course This is a 13-week course given by DVD by Dave Ramsey. It helps individuals and couples to get out of debt and to manage and make money in a positive way. This course will be offered again in the Spring of 2010. Click on the blue title above for more information and to watch a quick promotional video. The cost of the course is $130 for a family. This cost provides a number of excellent resources in addition to the DVD talks. * Grace Based Parenting DVD small group study - Set Your Family Free'by Dr. Tim Kimmel Dr. Tim Kimmel recommends creating a grace-based home environment that allows children to meet their full potential, to parent children in the same way God parents us. He presents a child's true needs -- according to Scripture -- and provides parents a realistic way to meet them. The result -- spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and confidence.


  • The Parenting Children Course: for parents of children ages 0-10 years of age as taught by Nicky and Sil Lee.


  • Parenting Course: The Power of Love, Building Relationships that Work from Essentials of Parenting by Carly Casey, Gary Thomas, & Dr. Juli Slattery.


  • Parenting Course: Raising Kids with a Faith That Lasts from Essentials of Parenting by Tim Kimmel, Mark Holmen and Larry Fowler. * The Truth Project This is a twelve-week DVD-based small group study designed to equip believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview.


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