Thursday Fun Night

From  5:45 - 6:15 pm

Begin with an optional supper!

Connect with family

Enjoy with friends

Meet others

Main course * dessert * beverage

Suggested donation $5 (kids eat free)

From  6:15 - 7:30 pm

Program Choices for Kids

Nursery (0-3 years old)

Fun in the gym (aged 5 - grade 5)

Crafts (Jr. and Sr. Kindergarten)

Creative Cooks  (grades 1-5)

Alpha Youth Series (grades 6-8)

Program Choices for Adults

Activating God Space

Circle Up


Conclusion of The Art of Parenting

Conclusion of Small Group Bible 

    Study and Application


“Christ-followers everywhere are struggling to figure out how to have spiritual conversations – and this lack of confidence and competence has silenced many Christians. God Space emboldens God’s people to re-engage in these conversations in natural and winsome ways.” This course will be led by Keith Brown and will begin January 23

S.H.A.P.E. on Finding & Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life will help you to see more clearly your spiritual gifts, your sweet spot for serving, your natural abilities, your unique personality and experiences that God has built into you so that you can live a life according to God’s purposes and be fulfilled. This study will be led by Pastor Matt and Scott Hibbins. It will begin on January 23 after the parenting course is completed.  

“Circle Up”  will be enjoyed by people who have never been in a small group as well as those who have been in groups before. The four weeks will not include Bible study but will provide teaching on the purpose and functioning of a healthy small group. It includes a 7-minute teaching plus time to share and get to know one another. You will learn how being connected relationally will help you to grow spiritually. And you’ll talk about the surprisingly simple things you can do to make sure your group experience is a great one. After 4 weeks this group will include Bible study and life application based on Pastor Matt’s Sunday message. This group will begin on January 23 and will be facilitated by Monica Brown and Fred Harden.

For more information about Thursday Fun Nights or the studies, contact Keith at  

4101 Stagecoach Road, Osgoode, ON, K0A 2W0

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