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Children's Race

Trinity Kids



Childcare for 0 - 5th Grade

Nursery Play

0-18 Months


Nursery is the place for all our not-yet-walking infants and kids.

In our Nursery, we love, we praise, we encourage, we connect, we sooth, and we play.

Kids in Preschool

18 Months - 5 Years


Once your child is over 18 months they may join our Preschool ministry!

Every week we have structured lessons, crafts, games, and more for our kids.

School Kids

K - 5th Grade


Calling all Kindergarteners to 5th Graders! Your elementary child will love our highly interactive weekend service. 

Each week we play games, go through our lesson series, and enjoy a variety of different crafts!


  • What are the ages?
    Childcare for 0 weeks - 5th Grade available at weekend services!
  • Who is my child with?
    Trinity Kids is made up of trained staff and background checked volunteers. You can enjoy our main service knowing that your child is safe and well-cared for! Don't worry - our staff will contact you if any emergency arises.
  • Security Protocols
    + On-site Safety Team + All adult volunteers receive background checks before service + All doors have windows to check-in on the classes
  • How can I volunteer?
    + Do you have a heart for children's ministry? We would love to get you plugged in and serving at our services! + Simply fill out our volunteer form above, and one of our pastors will get in touch with you! As a volunteer, you will work with our pastor to make sure you have the classroom that is the right fit for you. + Please note: Volunteers MUST undergo a background check. If you are a student who wishes to serve, you must be older than 12 and are required to serve with an adult.
  • How do I check-in/pick up my child?
    Once you are registered, check-in is a straightforward process. As you enter our building you will notice a check-in station to your left where one of our volunteers will walk you through the process. For pick up you must let the person at the check-in desk that you are picking up your children beforehand. Then, we can easily check them out of the system for pickup.
  • What are we doing to keep children safe?
    + Any concerns (allergies/medical/etc.) are printed on name tags. + Access to first aid kits in every classroom. + Proper protocals for incident reporting. + Children Ministry Specific, Plan 2 Protect Training.
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